A Gospel Music Compilation # 7

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A Gospel Music Compilation # 7 with Bill & Gloria Gaither and the Homecoming Friends.


Sándor Albert says:

Én is csatlakozom azokhoz akiknek tettszik.

sebugwawo Douglas says:


Maria4095 says:

God gave special gifts to each one of the singers and that we can enjoy¡¡¡  Thank you¡

WKNI says:

Truly Blessed! Thank you for your work in bringing these wonderful moments together! God Bless you.

kay bashore says:

oh the joyful faces…you’re my brother…you’re my sister….that we are…oh for the Love of Jesus…someday we will all be together…all singing in beautiful voice for our loving God:):)

smiley polutele says:

Thank you heaps <3 <3 am real blessed, watch few of the others as well!!!!! MALO AUPITO

jackiebmeabe says:

Mr. Hardin, words fail me. I cannot tell you how this video has blessed my heart. I can’t imagine how much time and work must go into putting such a masterpiece together. God bless you for all your hard work. I could listen to gospel music for hours on end, and I so love the Gaithers and all the musicians they bring together to sing praises to our Master. Thank you so, so much for giving this gift to all who wish to listen. What a blessing!!

Igor Almorza Chaves says:

Brothers Bill & Gloria, may God Bless you for all the work you have done. From Guatemala, Central América. I love this compilations, help me a lot.

Max Leow says:

Good hymnals to kickstart our preparation for the Lent on this Ash Wednesday 13 February 2013.

hoffney says:

believe me when I say this is 2:00:58 seconds of pure blessings

Paul Mason says:

AMEN and again i say AMEN

Paul Mason says:

Well done little man on showing other young children that there is no shame in jesus name, Grow Little One And Become As Radiant As Your beautiful Face Shows, That You Love Jesus Hallelujah, Be An Everlasting Role Model To Both Adult And Child amen

Paul Mason says:

Thank You Gaither Vocal Family, i Know You Are Usually Called vocal band, but to me you are my Family, I am Having a Name connection there soon, KIMBERLY, This Name Is My Cog, This My Middle Name, Be Blessed In His Presence, And Be One For Another Abounding In His Grace Evermore hallelujah

Paul Mason says:

And I will Know I am Home When I See You All Face To Face, Then At Last We Will All Be Together Again hallelujah, Through Hell And High Waters I Will Sail This Vessel Home, None Can Stop Me Because I Sit Upon The Shoulders Of God Most High, Say Hello To All My Brothers, And Sisters Who Are Gaithered Together To Worship His Name As One, For He Is The One, He Who Can Calculate The Number Of The Only God, heres a clue, before Him There is none, ( 0 ) + ( 1 ) = { 01 }, ONE GOD amen

Paul Mason says:

I Feel You guys, I Touch You Guys, And I Love You all, Things That Remain Are The Things That Love To Praise Him And Raise Him And Magnify His Wonderful Amazing Spirit, Hallelujah

Rosemarie172 says:

The red headed young man sure has a great set of lungs huh!! Sounds great!!

Inno100ify says:

Thanks a lot for this compilation. It’s really heartwarming. B blssd

jeff hardin says:

Whitley Phipps

Joyce Charles says:

who is the gentleman at 1:53:39 can any one tell me he sure has a sweet voice.

Joyce Charles says:

don’t believe the angels in heaven could sing any sweeter for these guys are singing in praise of my LORD. thank you Father the peace you give me with these guys is a great blessing.

millamaria45 says:

Giving Thanks, Amazing Things happen in our hearts.

Gary Fishman says:

Thank you for putting these together

millamaria45 says:

Soul rests these watching videos and listening, God bless you.

foxyrvg567 says:

I LOVE ALL The Gaither Videos! They’re such a blessing.

edvonw says:

Oh how I love these videos!

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