4 Hours of Non Stop uplifting Christian Music

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I do not own any rights to these Songs But thought i would at least share them with you.


MrShnazer says:


Troy Deponci says:

i remember my first catholic grinding secession, i was hard for 4 hours

FamouslyInTheMiddle says:

God is so awesome. I serve a mighty God. I fear God because he is just so good to me. Anyone agree?

Jane Erstić says:

Jesus is simply the best!

Justin Little says:

Your welcome i am the one that put this video together now i am trying to upload more but Windows movie maker is not letting me create videos and upload it to youtube.

milgrace white says:

I love this compilation of songs.. Almost of my favorite songs are here. I wanna thank the person behind this. Thank you so much for uploading and sharing these songs to everybody. For sure, lots of people out there has been blessed by the message of the songs.:) Keep posting. Keep the faith burning . God Bless you my friend, God loves You!

dgriff97 says:

The song is God of Wonders

CB Ross says:

Keep listening! Who knows, you might even hear the Lord speak directly to you, through these great songs of praise and worship!

Sara Urbano says:

A mí me gusta mucho la canción que empieza en el minuto 18:17, por favor ¿pueden decirme el nombre de esa canción y quién es la cantante?
I like much the song that starts at minute 18:17, can you please tell me the name of that song and who is the singer? please

joy alexander says:

Worship God God in spirit and in truth ,when you listen to worship songs!

fisher99100 says:

good songs. godisjesuschrist,com

BlackProductionInc says:

This is some awesome music to blaze to. I’m not christian myself but very nice vibe :)

Neville Kaira says:

very uplifting music.thank you.glory be to GOD

Jamie Bishop says:

Nice job Brother, Thanks, enjoyed it

Barbie Wood says:

Praise music! I love it!!

Jose George says:

Thank you for the collection…. I can find peace and great comfort listening to it…


God bless you oll

Oscar Martínez says:

Thank you very much for posting. There are plenty of songs in your upload which have become unforgettable. God guides you for ever.

raquel hazell says:

Thank you for sharing… <3

Jesse Roman says:

just wanted to say thanks and God bless

BlackkcalB cat says:

Create a YouTube account. Then to the right side YouTube search bar you will see a upload button also a fly out box with options.

Jomon Pallikarakaran says:


يوسف القليش says:

good moorning who are you ……

Justin Little says:

Michelle Andrews wanna let u know if u have a Mac u can use Imovie, or final Cut. or if you have windows 7 or 8 you can use windows movie maker but first off u have to import all your songs into Itunes then go add music to your video by adding pictures,etc if u have any other question send me a private message.

Michelle Andrews says:

Well the first song is Chris Tomlin, and I haven’t heard the rest! How do you upload music on here? I have a FANTASTIC Christian list! :)

quecue cue says:

this is awsome! thanks for uploading!!:)

Jacek W says:

i will try answer you

that1geekychick says:

Most of these songs were written to be sung in churches. That means, realistically, that a lot of people singing these will be sung by old people with poor memories who can’t sing. The songs HAVE to be dull and repetitive to serve their intended function.

That doesn’t excuse poor performances by professional artists, but don’t blame them for the source material being the way it is.

Omar Kelly says:

Walk by faith,…Amen.

espionne09 says:

since you are online, just do a lyrics search and you will get the names

Aaron Paul says:

really needed this today. thanks! this was a God send!!!

justapoet733 says:

gr8 job on this mix

Cook Cannon says:

The music is great, God Bless

Justhugh09 says:

prove it’s a fairytale, I will keep you in my prayers and may you one day be saved


I am a Agnostic Jew but I really like christian music cause it makes me feel happy

gospeltruthful says:

4 hours not with Laptop but with God

brian b says:

God is drawing you to him thats y your here dont harden your heart and let him come into your heart and show you that he is God we cant prove him to you but you can experience him fairy tales and lies dont last thousands of years Love you hope you find the truth which is Jesus Amen

Bina Mathew says:

Thank you Jesus for the precious gift of salvation

ilovesfatbitches says:

I look forward to the day that you ignorant people wake up and stop believing fairy tales.

ShutVlogger says:

Had a bad day. It was uplifted after hearing songs and praises of Jesus and God. Thank you.

jewelz4prbd says:

let me know if you do another video.. ty great job.. this one is my fav with the exception of mandissa stronger and the first song of last video

reinhardt kotze says:

Jesus – just realising who He is and what He has done for us – is good enough for me (sinner)

Brian Quinn says:

Thank you for sharing

MrDrNeutron says:

Amen…God is Amazing

Yiqun Yue says:

People from all NATIONS praise HIM !

Frank dillon says:

God is great, sing his praise, lift up your hands in worship, we are his people!

sarita rai says:

and alltne souls that came out ofthe loins ofjacob were seventy souls;forjoseph was in egypt already….

Joaquim Puati Futi says:

There’s no one who give such joy, such as the one comes from our Lord Jesus.

timipreye harrison says:

god is good

kappansTig58 says:

I want to download this album. Can you give me the access in how or can you send it thru attachment file this 4 hours Non Stop Christian Music /Songs.(my email-robajamonde@yahoo.com)

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